Porcelain Veneers in Rowlett, TX

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are affixed directly to teeth, using a precise bonding process. Uneven, discolored, or even damaged teeth can be restored or repaired using this procedure. Porcelain veneers can also create fuller lips and smooth out lip lines, as well as create longer, square teeth that can make round faces appear slimmer.

Porcelain Veneers can:

  • Close gaps in teeth
  • Repair broken or chipped teeth
  • Whiten dark, yellow, permanently-Stained or Discolored Teeth
  • Straighten Crooked Teeth
  • Improve gummy smiles
  • Overall smile enhancement

Find out if veneers are right for you by scheduling a consultation at our clinic. We will discuss the treatment as it will relate to you personally, including how to use coverage from your insurance plan and potential flexible payment options.